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Halocarbon 218, Perfluoropropane

Name: Perfluoropropane
Formula: C3F8
Molecular weight: 188.02
Specific volume: 0.13 m3 /kg @ 21o C
                      2.02 ft3 /lb @ 70o F
CAS Registry Number: 76-19-7
UN Number: UN 2424
DOT Proper Shipping Name: Perfluoropropane
DOT Classification: 2.2, Nonflammable
Grades: Custom grades available to 99.99%

Cylinder information:

Cylinder Size**

  Valve  Connection

Pressure psig@21oC

Content US

Content Metric


DISS 716, CGA 660


95 lb

43 kg


DISS 716, CGA 660


38 lb

17.3 kg

      **SCP fills customer owned cylinders. This is a sample of common cylinders sizes.**

Applications: Semiconductor; etching of silicon oxides & CVD/PECVD chamber clean, refrigerant blends.

Additional information: Halocarbon 218 (Perfluoropropane) (C3F8) is a colorless, nonflammable, nontoxic gas which is relatively stable and has a faintly sweet odor.


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