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Specialty Chemical Products is a manufacturer and marketer of wholesale Semiconductor and Specialty gases distributed worldwide.

Founded in 1995, Specialty Chemical Products has become a leader in difficult separations of gaseous compounds. SCP is staffed by highly trained personnel; combined 150+ years experience in process application, distillation, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

Proprietary techniques for cryogenic distillation have enabled SCP to produce high quality, low cost materials.  Many of these techniques are expandable to future materials, allowing for the growth of the product line.

Our core competencies that allow us to thrive in a competitive market place are:

    Cost effective/efficient operations
    Purification technology
    Global sourcing strategy
    Market knowledge and relationships (Sourcing & Selling)
    Speed to market – New products & grades
    Customer Focus – Small customer based, broad routes to market
    Ability to operate and conduct business throughout Asia

Specialty Chemical Products views quality as an inherent part of our business. Our work processes are designed to deliver the specific product quality required by each individual customer. From our raw material sourcing, through cylinder preparation, filling, and delivery, as well as customer service, we strive to ensure that quality is built into all products supplied.

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Specialty Chemical Products - Purifying Semiconductor and Specialty Gas products



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